Here is an index of what’s been posted – the order (so far) is not significant, and anything that depends on a previous post or leads to a succeeding one will be so noted in the post.

From Saramago’s Notebooks (my translations of the author and Nobel Laureate’s web journal):

Inundation R.C.P.Dogmas The Old and the YoungBerlusconi & Co. George Bush: Or, the Age of LiesA Pardon For Darwin? Words for a City

Concert Reviews:
Leonard CohenSteve Earle – The Pogues – The Chieftains – Emmylou Harris’ “Three Girls and their Buddy” tour – the Gipsy KingsKris DelmhorstBrian WebbAndrew Bird – A review and a non-review of a recent performance by Joshua Redman at the Berklee Performance Center. – Martin SextonLoudon Wainwright IIIEnter the Haggis Daniel Lanois

On Movies:
“Terror Masala” (pointer) – Donnie Darko

On Books:
Some words on The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury –
Some words on Niall Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money – A mouthful of a review of Philipp Blom’s The Vertigo Years – A bit of a review of William Butcher’s biography of Jules VerneGertrude Bell, by Georgina Howell (a brief review) – Thoughts on Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead – Thoughts on Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy – Thoughts on Richard Aldous’ The Lion and the Unicorn Quino – Nicholson Baker’s Human SmokeMarai’s Embers and Magical Realism


A little stack-blowing on the subject of the best whisky. – Caution(a cautionary tale) – “Terror Masala” (pointer to an article worth reading, on Bollywood’s recent terrorism-themed plots) – Luis Verissimo on HangoversJustice and EconomicsRecording for the Blind and DyslexicA note on Portuguese Lexicography A Page From Jose Saramago’s Journal A bit of juvenile humor. Really not worth your time.

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