Reading List: 2005&2006

In 2005, I started keeping track of what I was reading. Here are the titles that appear in my notebook for late 2005 and  2006.

  • James Blish: The Star Dwellers
  • James Blish: The Devil’s Day
  • *Haruki Murakami: Sputnik Sweetheart
  • *Haruki Murakami: Norwegian Wood
  • Margaret Atwood: Oryx & Crake
  • *John LeCarre: The Spy WQho Came in From the Cold
  • *Angelica Gorodischer: Kalpa Imperial
  • *Tolstoy: Anna Karenina (trans. Pevear & Volokhonsky)
  • Wm. Manchester: Winston Churchill
  • *F. Wheen: Karl Marx, A Life
  • Meyer & Brysac: Tournament of Shadows
  • Laurence James: The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
  • Carr: A History of Mdern Germany
  • GoldSchmidt: A Concise History Of the Middle East
  • Richard Dawkins: A Devil’s Chaplain
  • *Andre Maurois: Disraeli
  • *Andre Maurois: Byron
  • Lord Frederic Hamilton: The Vanished Pomps of Yesterday

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